Dr Shilpa Aggarwal

Dr Shilpa Aggarwal is an Australian and Indian trained specialist with advance training and extensive experience in child & youth psychiatry. Additionally, she possesses expertise in a broad range of mental health disciplines including general psychiatry, de-addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy, teaching and motivational work.

She is now available in Mumbai offering mental health evaluation and interventions. She is passionate about improving public knowledge about mental health, and is committed to optimization of mental wellness. She believes that families play an important part in assessment of mental health problems and success of management plan. Her effort is to be guided by the preferences of the clients, involve the families in treatment & clinical decision-making and suggest a management plan suited to the needs of the client.


Areas of interest:

Her particular areas of interest include early psychosis, mood and anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, disruptive and difficult behaviour, which often overlap with hyperactivity/ADHD, problems arising in the context of fostering and adoption, attachment problems, children who are proving difficult for their parents to handle, problems arising at school or with friends, complex cases with coexisting medical conditions, performance anxiety in competitive situations (eg. sports), perinatal psychiatry & women’s mental health issues.