Other Disorders

What is the range of other disorders?

Children, adolescents and adults and experience a range of mental health problems over their lifespan. These can vary from from anxiety/ mood disorders, psychotic disorders, addiction related problems, suicidal/ self- harm behavior, and problems related with bodily symptoms with psychological factors playing a part. If a problem is not temporary or short-lived, an assessment by a psychiatrist could be of tremendous use.

What are the disorders for which specialized treatment is available at MIND institute?

Dr Shilpa Aggarwal and her team have got an extensive experience in treating the whole range of disorders.

How is the assessment done?

A thorough assessment is done to rule out other possiblecauses for your child’s behavior. Detailed information is collected about how each and every problem unfolded through the years. We want to know how the client and his/her family got to their current states. We inquire into the whole range of frequently co-occurring conditions. We go over each diagnosis, explaining the etiology of each issue. Sometimes we may have to request for psychological testing to do a comprehensive assessment. The rationale of any such testing is discussed with the client and the family members.Other additional measures are used depending upon the needs of the person.

What are the treatment strategies used?

Evidence-based and clinically indicated treatment options are suggested for the specific problem for which the person is seeking help. The rationale of each treatment is discussed.