Sports Related Conditions

Sports/ competitive situation related problems:

In today’s competitive world with the expectation of the parents/ family members skyrocketing, sometimes the performance can be affected due to a few psychological factors. There could be a loss in faith about one’s own ability, drop in self-esteem and as a result poor performance in competitive situations.

What are the common symptoms?

Decline in performance, avoiding participating in the activities, which the client used to enjoy and excel at previously, lack of faith in owns ability, negative attitude towards the outcome and many more… a range of physical, cognitive, behavioral & emotional symptoms can occur and the symptoms can vary between clients.

How is the assessment done?

Detailed information is collected about how each and every problem unfolded through the years. We want to know how the client and his/her family got to their current states. We inquire into the whole range of frequently co-occurring conditions. We go over each diagnosis, explaining the etiology of each issue. Sometimes we may have to request for psychological testing to do a comprehensive assessment. The rationale of any such testing is discussed with the client and the family memebrs.

Most importantly, we use these diagnoses to plan remedies for the problem(s). During follow up visits, we work together to carry out and adjust our treatments.

What are the effective treatments for competitive situation related problems?

The proven therapies are psychotherapeutic interventions with or without medications. Medications can be prescribed and monitored for these difficulties by a qualified and trained psychiatrist after discussing it with the family members.

The first step is a diagnosis and the second step is the carving out of a treatment plan individualized to each client.

How should clients prepare for the visit?

Please bring:

  • Copies of any psychological/ educational testing/ radiological scan.
  • Copies of any medical assessments/ rehabilitation plans.