Emotional and behavioral disorders

What are these conditions?

Every child faces emotional & behavioral difficulties from time to time, as do adults. These could be normal changes due to growth and development. Generally, the problems fade on their own as children adjust to the changes in their lives. Sometimes inappropriate emotional and behavioral responses can occur in children and adolescents due to various situations and these can persist over time

If a problem is not temporary or short-lived, an assessment by a child and youth psychiatrist could be of tremendous use.

What are the common symptoms?

These can range from over-activity, attention problems& aggressive behavior to anxiety & depressive symptoms. Symptoms can vary in different people.Emotional and behavioral disorders affect 10-15 percent of children globally. One of particular childhood-onset disorder that is widely studied, treated, and diagnosed is attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), around3-5 percent of children globally suffer from this disorder.

How is the assessment done?

A thorough assessment is done to rule out other possiblecauses for your child’s behavior. Detailed information is collected about how each and every problem unfolded through the years. We want to know how the client and his/her family got to their current states. We inquire into the whole range of frequently co-occurring conditions. We go over each diagnosis, explaining the etiology of each issue. Sometimes we may have to request for psychological testing to do a comprehensive assessment. The rationale of any such testing is discussed with the client and the family members.Other additional measures are used depending upon the needs of the person.

What are the effective treatments for emotional & behavioral disorders?

The proven therapies are psychotherapeutic interventions (“talk therapies”) with or without medications. Medications can be prescribed and monitored for these difficulties by a qualified and trained psychiatrist after discussing it with the family members.

How should clients prepare for the visit?

Please bring:

  • Copies of any psychological/ educational testing/ radiological scan.
  • Copies of any medical assessments.